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Have Your Say: Introducing the new CMS Ideas Hub

19 October 2020 Katie Sixsmith

Our Content Management System (CMS) has been designed exclusively for the education sector and is used every day by thousands of customers in schools and trusts across the UK. 

We constantly review our functionality, to ensure any new features are as user-friendly, relevant and useful as possible to our audience, but going forwards, we’d like to make our processes more democratic and transparent. 

We want to give our customers the chance to suggest, review and vote on the features which they feel will be most beneficial to assist with their day-to-day tasks, culminating in customer-driven product development.

Our CMS Ideas Hub allows our customers to view, comment and vote on existing CMS feature requests as well as suggest their own ideas for improvements.

This user community will help us to deliver new features and enhancements that we know our customer base will truly value, whilst keeping our products relevant in an ever-changing, evolving industry.  

If you’re a user of our CMS and have an idea you’d like to share, let us know! You can find out more about how you can do this, and our selection process, in the information below.

Frequently Asked Questions

How will I be able to access this portal?

Customers will be able to access the free Ideas Hub through their CMS admin dashboard, by logging in and clicking on the ‘Help’ tab. There will then be a button which will take you straight through to the current list of ideas to review existing suggestions and submit new ones.  

The requests will be grouped into categories, allowing you to check if there’s already an idea in progress and easily locate the feature you’re looking for.

What can I do in the portal?

There will be three main things you can do in the Ideas Hub:  

  • Submit a brand-new idea – it’s simple – press the green ‘Add Your Suggestion’ button on the right-hand side to add your ideas. You’ll need to add a title, description and any additional information you’d like to share.

    If you add an idea, we will ask you to add your name (which will be visible to other customers) and your email address (which will be private) so that we can contact you, should we require any additional information about your suggestion.  
  • Vote for an existing idea – if an idea you want already exists (or there’s something very similar) then you can vote for it. The more votes an idea gets, the higher up the idea list it will be placed. You will only be able to vote for an idea once.  
  • Comment on an existing idea – if there’s an idea you like, but you think there’s more detail to be added, then you can add more information to the suggestion. You can do this on your own ideas, as well as someone else’s. You will need to leave your name on any comments too, so we can follow up for more feedback if required. 

What happens once my idea has been submitted?

All ideas will be reviewed by our development team and tagged with a status and a product group, so that you can track progress and comments.

The statuses which will be used are:  

  • Under Consideration
    the idea is still being reviewed 
  • Planned
    the idea has been added to the development schedule for a future release 
  • Not Planned
    the idea has not been added to the development schedule at this time 
  • Done
    the idea has been implemented and added to the CMS / software. 

Will my idea be implemented? 

We will look to prioritise the ideas that are most important to our customers. This will be based upon a number of factors including the number of requests that we receive, whether an idea is technically feasible and if it will impair the performance of our software.  

Please bear in mind that not all suggestions will be able to be developed but they will all be reviewed and discussed. 

Are there any rules to be followed?  

There are two main ‘rules’ to follow:  

  • Don’t cram ideas with lots of suggestions – please only add one idea per entry.
  • Please don’t post anything rude, offensive or abusive - we reserve the right to remove any posts which violate these conditions.

Our customers are a fantastic source of great ideas for improvement and by implementing the Ideas Hub, we will be able to gather even more suggestions for future development.

As such, we want to ensure that this is an effective, collaborative environment for our users where customers can post and discuss their ideas for new features freely.

We are excited to hear our customers’ feature suggestions and look forward to this new, collaborative way of working on future product development.

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