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The pros of using social media for schools [Guest Post]

22 February 2019

Immediate, authentic, varied and fun – social media posts are invaluable for showing the outside world what is going on in your school. It has become increasingly important for schools to have a professional online presence. Social media can enhance this presence in many ways.

Showcasing Our School

At St Benedict’s School we see our school website as our ‘shop window’ and our social media accounts feature heavily here. Our homepage, for example, embeds our tweets, our Facebook posts and, via YouTube, our school video. This allows us to showcase the vast range of activities that happen within the school quickly, easily, and in a visually appealing way. 

Similarly, our social media pages help with driving traffic back to our website. Sharing links to our news items and blogs via Facebook and Twitter has increased visits to our website, which in turn can help with Search Engine Optimisation.

Utilising Our Social Media Channels

Facebook and Twitter help keep the school community and the wider community engaged.

Pupils can be proud of their regularly featured achievements; parents can see snippets of the activities their child is involved with; former pupils are informed of lectures or productions they may wish to attend; and prospective pupils and parents can get a good flavour of the day-to-day life of the school.

Instagram proves popular with pupils of all ages and had been beneficial for us when advertising open events, particularly for the Sixth Form. We saw registrations increase by 700% with a strong social media campaign!

Linkedin allows us to engage with a professional network of people and is a good place to share current vacancies.

Embracing The Benefits

Schools shouldn’t be scared of social media. A well worded social media policy can give clear guidelines for all concerned. With a little bit of knowledge and time, it is possible to embrace the benefits and to use it as an extension of your online presence.

Camille Shah
Marketing Director
St Benedict's School

We are very thankful to Camille for giving up her time to write this brilliant guest blog post for us and we hope that you have found it both useful and inspiring. 

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